Valma is a private label that forms part of the cooperative manufacture called Heimatwerk Zürich Oberland. The cooperative is privately owned and dates back to 1928, when most manufacturing in rural areas occurred in household-based artisanal work  as a supplemental to agriculture. Artisans, mostly women, were trained in sophisticated techniques that were once developed and practiced to serve the High Courts in Vienna, Moscow, Prague and Paris. The "Heimatwerk" organized them into a single enterprise to secure materials, tools, specialized equipment, know-how, sales and distribution.

Since the heydays of artisanal ateliers, the "Heimatwerk" has been engaged in the preservation of old textile techniques. With a small staff of dedicated weavers and textile designers, the manufacture is still at the centre of a larger network united in the many efforts to pass on the vast textile cultural heritage in living practice. Traditions only survive in innovation.

Valma specializes in natural yarns that are too delicate and rare to be handled by industrial technologies. Woven with silk and other light materials, these yarns deliver an unrivaled exquisiteness and luxury. 

Our design and techniques are deeply rooted in the rich textile traditions of the alpine Rhine Valley encompassing the Principality of Liechtenstein, eastern Switzerland and western Austria.

While most of our creations are handmade in the region, much artisanal knowledge about rare yarns is practiced in local communities around the world. We therefore aim to organize the sourcing and production of our capsule collections in international cooperation committed to transparency and sustainability.

Valma is a slow company in living practice of textile craftsmanship and is dedicated to knowledge transfer and raising awareness for the preservation of immaterial cultural heritages in textile production. We believe that luxury is much more about the materials and the making than merely consuming the latest vague in fashion.