VALMA. Caring Luxury

Handmade items from rare yarns. Exquisite in material and profound in the making. Experience a different quality.

Slow and Considered. Groundbreaking and Classic.

VALMA dives deep into the rich textile cultural heritages of the alpine Rhine Valley. Once serving the High Courts in Vienna, Paris, Budapest and Moscow, ancient skills and techniques are uncovered and applied to create one of a kind handcrafted pieces. Each item is a manifestation of preservation and innovation, gracefully embracing the path between past and future, contrasting the rough with the noble. 

Uplift and Elevate

Wearing is a manifestation of style and values caring for those who have devoted their time, skills and passion to create a truly unique piece of textile craftsmanship

Rise Above and Emerge from Within

Experiencing the supreme quality of rare natural fibers that are woven from knowledgable hands is to tell a story of origins and identity

Proclaim a Visionary Presence

Making conscious choices is reconciling simplicity with audacity, embracing decency and exuberance, and to experience moments of timeless beauty